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OWS Foods is your go-to, premier dry & wet food manufacturer, specializing in crafting unique and delicious flavors for sauces, rubs, blended seasonings, dressings, baking mixes, and so much more. With our single solution support, including our top-notch R&D team and our unique family of managed brands, we’re excited to bring tasty innovations and convenience to our partners. So, let’s team up and create something phenomenal together!

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What we do

Sauces: Let’s Bring Your Unique Sauce to Life

We’re your partner in turning your one-of-a-kind sauce idea or recipe into a reality. With the capabilities you need all in-house, like blending, cooking, and bottling, we’ll make sure your sauce is top-quality and ready to hit the market.

Dressings: We’ve Got Your Dressing Needs Covered

OWS Foods is here to help you perfect your dressing recipe, produce it at scale, and get it in just the right packaging. From creamy dressings to vinaigrettes and beyond, we have you covered!

Marinades: Tailored to Your Taste

We’ll make sure your marinade is crafted exactly to your taste, with broad experience producing both allergen and allergen-free formulas. Plus, we provide top-quality packaging options, including retail bottles and food service packaging.

Seasonings: The Perfect Finishing Touch

Let us help you create the ideal seasoning to elevate any meal. We have everything you need to blend your unique finished product and take it from concept to commercialization.

Rubs: Infuse Flavor into Your Favorite Proteins

Your rub recipe has the power to add incredible flavor to protein, formulated to enhance and complement natural flavor profiles. We can manufacture any type of dry rub, including BBQ rubs, chili powders, and more.

Dry Mixes:
Baking Made Easy

OWS Foods can whip up any type of baking mix, like coatings, cornbreads, dough batters, seasoned breadcrumbs, and more.

From concept to commercialization: we’re with you all the way

Whether your recipe is complete or still in development, we’re here to help you turn your dry or wet food product from just an idea to a reality. From research and development to manufacturing, packaging, and getting your product on store shelves, we’ll support you every step of the way. We’ve got you covered on all fronts, including food safety, regulatory, and supply chain management.

Skip the hassle of juggling multiple companies for research, development, packaging, and sales. Let us do the heavy lifting for you, all in-house. Reach out today, and let’s team up from concept to commercialization.

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How can we help you?

Single Solution Support: Let's Do This Together!

We're here to be your turnkey partner in bringing your food product to life, whether it's wet or dry, just an idea or something you've been dreaming of for years.
We'll help you go from concept to commercialization.

Research & Development: Creating Something Delicious and Unique

Our tenured team of food scientists has your back! They're experts in everything from the latest flavor trends to eye-catching packaging, and they're excited to help you whip
up the perfect flavor, consistency, and look for your food product on a massive scale.

Commitment to Quality: Only the Best for Your Product

We take quality seriously, which is why we use only the finest ingredients in your food product from rigorously approved suppliers. We know exactly where each ingredient comes
from because we manage our own supply chain. We trace every single component of your recipe from the source to where it heads once it leaves our doors. Our Food Safety and
Quality plan meets or exceeds all applicable standards so you can trust that your product will be top-notch.

What our customers are saying

“Working with OWS Foods is a true joy! They are true professionals and masters of their craft. I have been so impressed by our journey together and strongly recommend choosing them to manufacture your products.”
- Johan Magnusson, Owner & Developer, Big Swede BBQ Rubs

Our family of brands

Head Country: Where America comes together since 1947. The BBQ Sauces, Seasonings, and Marinades all your friends have been talking about.
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BBQ Spot: Bringing you the best of BBQ. BBQ Spot products are crafted & competition-trusted by World Champion Pitmasters & backyard enthusiasts alike.
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Lodge: Lodge Cast Iron has been making heirloom-quality cookware and accessories since 1896. We are family. We are Lodge.
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