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Ready to take your wet or dry food product from idea to reality? We’re here to help! Our veteran team of R&D scientists and industrial co-packing specialists know how to take your food concept from good to great and then wrap it all up in the perfect packaging for your customer. Whether you’ve got a brand new BBQ sauce or a unique spice mix you’re ready to launch, our comprehensive R&D and co-packing services have you covered. With our industrial-scale capabilities, we guarantee consistency in your product and work hand-in-hand with you to make sure your go-to-market experience is smooth and exceeds your expectations.

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We’re More Than Just a BBQ Sauce Co-Packer

When it comes to taking your sauce idea from concept to commercialization, we are your go-to team of seasoned researchers and industrial co-packing specialists. We’re here to partner with you to craft the perfect flavor, consistency, and packaging for your wet food product on a mass scale. But our expertise goes beyond just co-packing.

Our R&D labs serve as the starting point for your product’s journey, offering not only premier co-packing services but also invaluable insights into current food trends as well as innovative ideas to help your product succeed. At the end of the day, our goal is to make sure you achieve yours. Whether you come to us with a sauce, dressing, marinade, or another wet-food product idea you’ve been stewing on, we’re ready to help. With our proven record of success and uncompromising commitment to quality we’re the best partner to take your product from idea to reality.

We are Your Trusted Dry Food Co-Packer

Ready for the next step in taking your dry food product from idea to reality? Our team knows the ropes. Whether you come to us with an abstract concept for the next great dry mix or a concrete recipe for your own unique spice brand, we’re here to help. Our time-tested team of R&D scientists and industrial co-packing specialists are ready to team up with you to take your product to the next level and make it stand out in front of eager customers. Our end-to-end dry food co-packing services guarantee you the peace of mind you deserve, so you can rest easy knowing that your product is in expert hands, every step of the way.

And don’t forget, when you partner with OWS Foods, you’ll never need to question the consistency of your product. We guarantee uniformity across your product line. Put our experience to work for you and let’s make the next flavor sensation together!

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